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Aricent is a world famous communication and multimedia software solution and service company. With more than 12,000 employees all over the world, Aricent provides world class design, development and in-time delivery service with reasonable price. Ranging from UI design, Andriod/iOS application development, smart home customization.., etc, to DLNA, VoIP/VVoIP, LTE eNB, and advanced ISS sofware solutions, Aricent is your most reliable outsourcing partner.

Aricent has been working with tier one companies worldwide. In Taiwan, Aricent has been working with top tier smart phone makers, telcommunication device/equipment makers, and IC design companies for years, and understanding What it takes to do business in Taiwan and how to help customers in Taiwan to be successful. Most of the customers who have worked with Aricent become Aricent’s loyal customers.

Aricent also offers software professional services in Taiwan and China. With more than 15 years in professional servie, Aricent is your best choice for urgent or high risk projects.